I have been so tired. There has been a lot of late nights with work. Punching down hundreds of little colored wires… some with white stripes… oh my God… there are so many of them… they are attacking me!

Sorry, just going a little crazy. But yes, I have been busy. I am even working through the “holiday” weekend. So instead, I will take my 3 day vacation when Jessica gets back from Spain. I don’t think I will be going anywhere, but I will be sleeping a lot.

Now, I must get back to work. I have to pay bills, go to banks, go to customers, run wires, pickup stuff at Graybar. Ugh.


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

One thought to “ZzZz”

  1. you’ll be going to the bank to get all the money you owe me and installing my radio.

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