I want a drink.

So for those of you who don’t know, me and Danielle have moved in together. She has moved into my house. My father came down from North Carolina, and added a new bedroom. My life has been getting more structured as I create my future. This past week, Danielle prepared for a trip to Oregon to visit her friend Misty. I dropped her off at the airport on Thursday morning (at 5am!) and will pick her up on Tuesday evening. Since that point, I have been in charge of Noah and Nora. I took them back home, gave them breakfast, then took them to school. Their father had them for the next two nights. I picked them up again on Saturday around noon. In a way, I actually missed them and looked forward to picking them up. So far, it’s been a great experience. Today at church, everyone asked where Danielle was, and as I told them, they felt sorry for me that I had the children all alone, and that I must be having a hard time. However, I told them that it has been the exact opposite. On Saturday, for the first few hours or so, they were whiny and yelling at each other, making demands, lying, etc. However, by around 5:30, I started my plan for structure. I called them back in the house as it was getting near dinner time, and they need to clean their rooms before dinner and prepare to eat. They both cleaned their rooms (well, sorta, I did point out a few things on the floor) while I cooked dinner. While still cooking, I put a movie on for Nora, and Noah quietly played with his mouse. I called them both to dinner, and they sat and quietly ate all of their dinner (they love Hamburger Helper, who doesn’t). After dinner, they took a bath, and we continued with the rest of the movie, all of us quietly sitting together on the couch. No fighting, no pushing, no climbing. When the movie was over, it was time for bed. Nora has been crying before bed lately, but not a peep. Noah went down easier than I had thought. They fell asleep shortly there after. This morning was just as good. Noah this morning was playing with his mouse without asking, and I told him to put it back, and he did right away. I put the mouse up high, and he appeared to realize the consequences of his actions and how he will not get to play with him today. During breakfast, they demanded a drink. “I want a drink,” they would say. I’d reply with, “Good for you.” It took Noah about 5 times before he realized he needed to ask without me saying anything. He’s been getting quicker as the day goes on. Nora is not quite understanding yet, but when she is corrected, she does ask, “May… I… have… *muffled by the cup*”. I take the cup off her face and correct her mumbling. During church, they of course got their fill of sweets as the older ladies pump them full of sugar. As we were leaving, Nora lost her doggie, and I told her as we were going in that if she brings it and loses it, we are not going to go find it. She didn’t cry as we were leaving. We get to Publix to find some lunch, and Noah asks if he can have a cookie (Danielle always gets them a cookie in Publix). I told them no, they already had donuts they weren’t supposed to have. They don’t whine. Both trips in the car were quiet. No fighting, in fact, barely any talking. Just the quiet hum of the car (ok, not so quiet, I’m still working on my shifting skills), and the sound of the wind blowing. Now, they are outside playing, and I hear no yelling and screaming. Of course, I just saw Noah running off with ashes, so I must go check on that and put out any necessary fires. It isn’t perfect, but it’s been a great experience.


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

4 thoughts to “I want a drink.”

  1. It sounds like they are frightened of you. I guess that’s a good thing. My questions: What movie did you guys watch? Why does Noah have a mouse? Grossss. What did you have for lunch the next day? What kind of Hamburger Helper? When are we gonna get pictures of the house?

  2. Make me proud! Oh by the way..Trish’s pregnant…aren’t you older than her? You would look cute pregnant.

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