Interstate Family

When I was younger, I always thought that me and my family would live near each other. I’ve seen movies where the kids go back to visit the parents during Thanksgiving or Christmas, and thought that was weird because they didn’t live near each other. However, now that I am older (and hopefully wiser), my sisters and my parents are spread out all over the place. My parents and two sisters moved to North Carolina. However, even that was not enough. Every three months, my mother is in a different state as a traveling nurse. My father for the past few months has been back in Connecticut (our roots) helping a friend and only recently went back home. My sister Trisha has been to the middle east in two different military tours and now resides in Illinois. As I watch these “holiday” or “family” movies, I think differently about them and how it relates to my family as it is now. I hope that as I grow older and start my own family, that we will all be able to get together at least once a year to share memories and experiences. I hope that I get to travel all over to see them in their homes and with their families.


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  1. I was just planning to write a blog about how weird I thought it was that we are all spread out over the country. It’s so weird, you stole my idea. Anyway, I don’t like being spread out so lets all just move to New York City!

  2. Thats why we should have some sort of family reunion every year or something like it. Or all go on vacation somewhere like here Anyways, all those movies are fake anyway. But I do know what you mean, I miss everyone.

  3. awww.. sounds to me that you are home sick. I also have grandchildren in many states, plus greats. I did enjoy spending time with you and your sisters in Fl. I miss it.

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