Tearing it down

So I’ve had this shed in my yard for a while. My father built it to keep extra wood and other building supplies in. Since there hasn’t been a whole lot of building going on, and it’s been raided by my father in the past, it was holding a couple of pieces of vinyl siding, and some old engine tools. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to tear down this shed. I’ve had thoughts about just burning it in place. I started several months ago to tear it down, then I realized that there is a lean-to on the side that has stuff I want, and it’s attached to this shed. So this morning, I set out to tear down the shed, and keep the lean-to. I MacGyvered a system with rope, a paper-clip, and some gum to hold up the lean-to when the building disappeared. I am basically using a long pole, and a couple of 4×4’s to hold up the lean-to. I proceeded to tear down the shed.

I started by tearing up the right wall. The corner just popped off from the rot. I then broke a hole through the wall and threaded some rope into the wall. I busted up the roof trusses from the top of the right wall. Then I pulled. After several back-and-forths, I finally pulled the wall from the building. And the roof came crashing down. Danielle and the kids helped me drag all the wood to a fire we had going. It was quite the bonfire. We continued to find things to burn, and so far, an entire shed, and about 400 pounds of various wood (it was wet) is now a pile of ashes. Danielle continued to clean up around the yard.

Me and the kids went into the woods next door to find the chickens that have been roaming around lately, and found a big surprise. Apparently, the chickens think they are squirrels. We found the chickens… 30 feet in the air inside the trees. Jumping around on the branches no less! It was quite a sight.

Anyway, be sure to check out some of the pictures.



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