I am sitting here alone. My girlfriend is out with her sister tonight, and my sister at that. Its a girls night out. And I am not invited :(. I should have a boys night out, but I can not reach anyone. I was offered a visit to Lowell at work a long time ago, but I hardly hear from him anymore. Maybe he is mad at me, or has new friends. I changed the front brakes on my truck today. The rotors were all worn down, and one pad to the rivets, so I just replaced it all. I thought Jessica would think I was all sexy with the grease all over me, but she said that I would have to be wearing one of those suits that the mechanics wear to be sexy. I guess she likes me better covered up. Anyway, I shall go eat soup and ice cream now, and watch TV while my girlfriend has fun tonight :'(


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

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