Do I feel like coming online or not?

BAAA! RoadRunner is ticking me off! For the past week or so, it has been up and down like crazy. I am paying massive amounts of money for business class, and yet it still does this. I have been a pain to the RR Tech people because I have been calling everyday for a week now complaining.

In other news, I am building a computer for someone, and first I open the case, and its missing a bay cover for the 5.25 and the 3.5. They assumed I would put in a floppy and a CD-ROM… however, I am building a computer without that, just the hard drive. Their site pictures the case with all of them, but they don’t ship all of them, so I called and they are sending more.

Second, I tried putting in the processor fan. Its a standard Intel fan, nice fan, however, their plastic holder for the fan sucks. You have to lift these levers over and back the other way for it to hold tight. I did that, and the plastic broke… so now it won’t hold. So I called Intel, and they are shipping me out a whole fan. They can’t just do the plastic piece. However, I commend them on their excellent support/warranty service.

Anyway, its off to dance class to do more fox trotting, and maybe something new. Then come home and watch Gilmore Girls with my girlfriend. She wants to have its babies as she would say.


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

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