DRM free Music

I don’t mind paying for music when its a lot less than the highway robbery that $18 for a CD that cost $.01 to make. Only problem is that I can’t use services like iTunes, etc., because I use Linux. I don’t run Windows or Mac. Even then, I wouldn’t want it because it as DRM in it. Mindawn is offering non-DRM music in OGG format for download, so you can do whatever you want with it. There is no “popular” music at the moment, but I am sure the selection will grow. You should check it out.

Look Ma! No Hands!

Well, today, I flew my first airplane. It was a prop plane. I don’t know much about the details of it. But anyway, I controlled it up in the air. I didn’t do the landing or taking off or anything. I had help with that. But anyway, it was amazing. I want a plane now. I took some pictures to show you what I saw. Polk County is a big county, but in the sky, it looks tiny. I need a plane so I can fly to work.

Flight of the Dust Bunnies

I was cleaning my house today, going from living room to kitchen. Got them all cleaned up. Amongst all that, I was in my office when I looked up at the fan. It was spinning, but it looked a little dark… the fan is white. Ever since I moved into my house, which was May 2003, I’ve had this fan running non-stop. The only times it doesn’t run is when the power goes out. Well, I unplugged it today and looked up. Have a look at the picture below.

Dusty Fan

Let this be a lesson to all. If you are going to have your fan running 24/7, check it out every once and a while.

Happy Halloweeeeeen

Happy Halloween everyone! My sister and her friend have been dressed up as Mario and Luigi all day, however my sister’s friend is taller and dressed up as Mario. I am going to dress up as a penguin! Me and Jess may go to a Halloween party tonight, but she never told me about it. Anyway, gonna go hang out with Randy and debug a Cisco pix and router.

Linux works in your palm too!

I am posting on my new Zaurus SL-6000. Sharp is discontinuing it in the US, so I had to get it now so I wouldn’t have to ship it from Japan. You should get one too, it has a 400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, SD and CF, and built in WiFi! And best of all it runs Linux. Only problem is that it won’t sync with Linux, at least not yet. I am attempting to work on a Zaurus SyncML client. However, I really don’t have any C programming skills, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn.

I am also working on some Windows projects in the Bunny Rabbit Corner. One is a program that removes all of IE’s temp files (as it leaves many after you hit “Delete files…” and a log viewer for TapeWare

The power of Linux, all on your thumb.

Want to run Linux, but want to test it first? Don’t want to have to make a bootable CD and reboot? Then you need to try the Portable Virtual Privacy Machine. This is neat, because you can run Linux from within Windows. You can stick it on a flash drive and take it anywhere with you, and your data stays on the flash drive. You can also scare friends by running it on their computer, and say you installed Linux instead :)

Clean your CD’s

I went out to Haines City yesterday to install a printer for someone as they could not get it working. It kept giving them an error message. I get there, and the first thing I see is a yellow exclamation on the printer in the Device Manager. This means that they plugged in the USB printer BEFORE they installed the software. I don’t care what the instructions say (which HP’s instructs always say plug in the printer first), you always put the software in first. However, this would not have helped anyway. I tried installing the printer several ways, but it would not go, came back with file errors. It seemed like the CD-ROM drive was bad… so I took the CD out, just to make sure there wasn’t any horrible scratches on it. As it turns out, there was a huge figerprint smudge (like food or something) on the CD. I cleaned the CD, tried again… went right through. So the moral of the story… make sure your CD’s are clean.

RoadRunner with a broken leg

Well, I have really pissed off the RoadRunner techs now :). Its been over a week now with a bad connection. Normally, there will be one tech working out there, now I have two… and a third one showed up briefly. This was all about 20 minutes after I placed a call to RR Tech Support very aggrivated. But I have customers complaining, so it has to be fixed.