Yes, I am done camping. It was a blast, and I want to do it again. My backpack weighed over 50lbs. I need to trim it down next time. Next place may be the Appalachian mountains.


My house has been getting some renovations, and they are almost done. My father has graciously provided his help in building a second bedroom, installing a tub, and replacing the kitchen floor. I would like to note that while performing these renovations, an important discovery was made. I poked my head in the recently unsealed ceiling and I could see the light. A flashlight to be exact. It was a flash light that has probably been missing for almost 8 to 10 years now. Funny thing is, I was blamed for losing it… question is, what would I have been doing in the ceiling? My father was the one making the repairs to the house all those years ago…


She has moved in with me… hence the installing of new bedrooms. It’s been quite a process that I have enjoyed doing with her with all the painting and deciding of where things go.


I found out today that it seriously needs to be upgraded. I am using a very old version of WordPress, and it appears to have been hacked in some way on two of my posts. I’ve since cleared it up, but still need to upgrade. I’ve got a new server started, and will need to get that finished this week. The look of the site will probably not change however, so don’t expect much in that department.


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

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  1. I realized that other bedroom added is that Danielle would move in. Good for you, wish you luck. Is it next to the screen room?

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