Hold the Stick, Straighten It!

So when I was younger (heck, only a few years ago even), my father would make me help him when leveling out the ground for stuff like pools, foundations, leech fields, etc. I hated doing it. Basically, I would hold the “stick” which was a ruler on multiple locations within the area we were working. My father would get the fun part of looking through the scope to see if they were all at the same level, and whether they needed to go up or down. Today, I was setting a small pool for Noah and Nora, and wanted to level the ground below it. So I got my shovel, and pulled out the scope. I gave Noah a “stick” (which was just a metal rod), marked a line on it, and told him to move around the area I wanted. We went back and forth a couple of times. When we were all done, I set the pool down, and put the tools away. While I was moving on to filling the pool, Noah and Nora decided to play “hold the stick” also. Noah would give the stick to Nora and tell her where to stand, and Noah would pretend to look through a scope. Noah even drew a circle on the ground. I guess he doesn’t think it’s boring yet. Give it a few more years…


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

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  1. What?? It was the easy part! Thats why I had to buy a laser. It’s hard to get good help!

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