Well, Jimmy, what we have here is what’s called a coffin.

Alright, now I understand that Ronald Reagan was a great president, and did many things, he was the president while I was a kid and do know a few things about him. But do we really need a play-by-play of his funeral? I feel sorry the poor guy having his body shipped all over the U.S. so people can stare at it, and Nancy and the rest of the family having to follow it all around until he is finally buried. And whats with this about a national holiday and closing banks and post offices. Luckily the three banks I had to go to today were all open, but the post office was closed. Is that really necessary? Is this so people from all over the country can all fly into DC and get in line to check out a flag over a coffin, which is possibly not even the real coffin? And why did my friend hear something about putting him on the $10 bill? I hope this is just rumor. I find it incredibly absurd that no one cared about Reagan while he was alive the past 10 years and could barely walk, and now all of a sudden they are mourning him. It’s hypocrisy. I want my classical music and wholesome content back on NPR, and not a play-by-play of a funeral!


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