Mmm.. Chicanos

Well, the last two days were as busy as can be. I lost anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds from running wire in an attic. It was sweltering hot up there. And I think my lungs will never be the same. I really need to wear a mask when I go in an attic. But I finally got the job finished, too bad it takes the Verizon DSL people about 2 weeks to get off of their lazy butt and actually make the connection back at the office. I thought Jessica was going to die yesterday, I heard there was some tornado somewhere a few miles south of Lakeland, and she was at the Wal-Mart in Mulberry. I was so scared. When the phone disconnected, I started worrying. Anyway, I am off to Chicanos for a lovely dinner (and gas later), then watching The Ring at the E’s house.


Father of four, amateur chicken farmer, tech enthusiast, primitive camper.

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