Care Bears for Everyone

I’ve been pretty happy lately. Things have been going well for me. I am starting to make extra money now instead of just making it. My client base is growing. Today, in the post office, a postal worker stopped me and asked me for my card, because her husband saw my truck around town. I am going to be doing some advertising in the paper, and as my friend Nathan works there, he’s getting it in for free.
I bought a cordless Ryobi kit at Home Depot yesterday. It’s cool because I get 8 different tools (drill, flashlight, circular saw, vacuum, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, chainsaw, and a laser measurement tool). And it was under $300, with the standard 2 year warranty. However, when I first bought it, I got it home, tore it open, and found out I got a used one. I promplty returned it and demanded a brand new one.
I’ve got these annoying clients who wanted to blame some phone system problems on me, saying I didn’t hook it up right. It turned out to be the Verizon guy didn’t punch down the wires correctly, and there was a fuse out. And now they are complaining about the bill. I don’t think they understand that I had NO prior knowledge of this phone system, and had to learn from scratch how to set it up, along with all the phones and the voicemail. I worked a total of 27 hours in a matter of about a week.
Today, me and my family and Jess went out to Olive Garden (Jess is correcting my blog as we .. write) for my sister’s birthday. The steak that I had in my meal was great. After that we went to the mall to get a “Rollin’ with tha Homies” T-shirt for Jess. She was so happy, it was so cute. When I told my mother, she was a little shocked, then I explained the rolling part. It’s 3 hamsters in balls, some Paul Frank thing. Then I tried to buy her care bears, but she refused. OH, and, the people in Pac Sun are idiots. The shirt was only in the square boxes on the side walls, not on the racks, so I just went and opened a rack, and the lady yelled at me and said that was a liability issue and that I shouldn’t do it. So she got some other guy to get a ladder to get it. It was 5 feet off the ground. Then she goes and looks in the racks to replace the shirt, after I already told her I wanted the one in the box because there were none in the racks.
Anyway, Jess had a bad day today, so I am going to go give her lots of hugs and kisses, and go watch a movie with her.


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  1. Yay, I found out my password now. Aww, Jason is happy. Hey how about giving me some of that EXTRA money! I agree, the people that work at Pac Sun are stupid. A lot of people that work at the mall are stupid. Yeah…but not at Walgreens.. Most of their employess are cool..but of course some are stupid..yeah..Mr Ewald..anyway………….thats all.

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