Last night, I was with Jess at Wal-Mart, she was buying a new toothbrush (we go there at least twice a day it seems like). Anyway, she always has to use the self-checkout. It can be annoying to use those things. I guess I just don’t know how to work them. Anyway, I found out why they run like crap and are so slow. They are running on Windows 98. Yes, that’s right, Windows 98… not 2000, not XP… but 98… also, I got a quick glimpse at the desktop, and even longer glimpse at the taskbar. They look like they are running at 800×600. There are actually quite a few things running in the background, such as McAfee Virus Shield and RealVNC. So beware, someone may be watching your screen with VNC.

Well, Jimmy, what we have here is what’s called a coffin.

Alright, now I understand that Ronald Reagan was a great president, and did many things, he was the president while I was a kid and do know a few things about him. But do we really need a play-by-play of his funeral? I feel sorry the poor guy having his body shipped all over the U.S. so people can stare at it, and Nancy and the rest of the family having to follow it all around until he is finally buried. And whats with this about a national holiday and closing banks and post offices. Luckily the three banks I had to go to today were all open, but the post office was closed. Is that really necessary? Is this so people from all over the country can all fly into DC and get in line to check out a flag over a coffin, which is possibly not even the real coffin? And why did my friend hear something about putting him on the $10 bill? I hope this is just rumor. I find it incredibly absurd that no one cared about Reagan while he was alive the past 10 years and could barely walk, and now all of a sudden they are mourning him. It’s hypocrisy. I want my classical music and wholesome content back on NPR, and not a play-by-play of a funeral!

Matrix… the end?

I just saw Matrix Revolutions for the second time now… I know a lot of people did not like it, and because of that, hate the entire series. I do not understand this. What was wrong with the movie? Maybe they should go see a second time, and some things will be reveiled to them. I find nothing wrong with it. It was a three part series, and had to end somehow, and that was peace. I think people just wanted to see people torn to shreds, or machines blown apart, and that was it.

Mmm.. Chicanos

Well, the last two days were as busy as can be. I lost anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds from running wire in an attic. It was sweltering hot up there. And I think my lungs will never be the same. I really need to wear a mask when I go in an attic. But I finally got the job finished, too bad it takes the Verizon DSL people about 2 weeks to get off of their lazy butt and actually make the connection back at the office. I thought Jessica was going to die yesterday, I heard there was some tornado somewhere a few miles south of Lakeland, and she was at the Wal-Mart in Mulberry. I was so scared. When the phone disconnected, I started worrying. Anyway, I am off to Chicanos for a lovely dinner (and gas later), then watching The Ring at the E’s house.

Easy Money

I had two jobs this morning. One was someone who was having a problem with a printer, and because it wasn’t working, she couldn’t do anything. She said it seemed like it wasn’t getting any power. Well, I went to check it out, it was plugged in. So I unplugged it, plugged it back in, tested it, 16V on the one side, 32V on the other like it should, and pressed the power button. Voila, it worked. Took me a couple minutes. My next one was someone who said there daughter was on the computer last night, and when he went to turn it on this morning, “it wasn’t working.” I get there, sit down, and it said “NTLDR missing.” This could happen if something gets screwed up on the hard drive… I press a key, it takes a few seconds for it to come up again. I reach down to turn off the computer and notice a floppy disk in the floppy drive. I remove it, press a key, computer boots up just fine. Everything was back to normal. Did some other things for the guy too, but still. Check the floppy drive. Anyway, I must go investigate dinner options for Jess, ones that involve no meat, or meat on the side.

Left Out

Everyone around me has a blog, my girlfriend, my sisters, even some of my friends. I felt very left out, so I thought I would create one too. Can’t say I would use it all the time though, as I am not one to share my thoughts all the time.